About us

Welcome! We are a friendly, family-run gallery in glorious Cornwall in the SW of England. Our Gallery is managed and run by by Nigel Bell and features the work of his wife, award-winning, international artist, Sarah Bell.  

Whether you are visiting here for the salty sea air, turquoise ocean, traditional or contemporary architecture, rocky coastline, artists, surfers, chefs, fishing boats and summer yachts....(or perhaps you are visiting just online), The Artist's House Gallery and Nigel Bell are here to help you browse and choose stunning, life-enhancing contemporary Cornish art for your home and workplace.

Whatever your taste may be, we are here to help……You’ll find lots of original art: Sarah Bell’s watercolour paintings in all shapes and sizes ; BIG statement prints on canvas; small originals sometimes in oil or acrylics or mixed media; hand pulled artists prints: screen prints and lino-cuts, packs of stunning greetings cards, and other lovely affordable gifts.

And if you fall in love with Sarah’s art and want to try painting in watercolours yourself, Sarah's studio is above the gallery where she takes on select students for 1:1 tuition. You can learn how to paint with watercolours and how to draw with Sarah by enquiring about her availability through her website: sarahbellart.co.uk

Our Philosophy 
We believe that everyone can and should enjoy art. Our art is exclusive, but our outlook is always inclusive, and so step inside, and take a look around.